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Max Dilendorf - Dilendorf PLC Read More
United States
Peter Tatarnikov - Board Member Read More
Alex Pavlenko - Board Member Read More
Stanislav Shamayev - Crypto and Blockchain Business and Corporate Attorney Read More
Nick Isayev - Chief Operating Officer Read More
Rika Khurdayan - Dilendorf Khurdayan PLC Read More
Carl Elsammak - CEO Kammas Trading Read More
Steven Hatzakis - Head of Blockchain Expert Committee Read More
Akin Abbak - Managing Partner of Abbak Attorneys at Law Read More
Michael Greenberg - Board Member Read More
Lior Nabat - CEO Tradency Read More
Artem Karpichenko - Senior Operation Officer Read More
Maor Lahav - COO and co-founder of Panda Trading Systems Read More
Nir Porat - Co-Managing Partner at Ben Basat, Porat & Co. Read More
Ran Cohen - Founder Traders Education and FX Leads Read More
Aleksey Kutsenko - CEO Tools4Brokers Read More
United Kingdom
Dmitri Turkevich - Director of Business Development at Rambler&Co. Read More
Vasily Alexeev - СТО Serenity, CEO UpTrader Read More
Katerina Troshina - Co-Founder SmartDec Read More
Vladimir Verbitskiy - DRC Member – ex. CEO and Chairman of Alpari Group Board Read More
Pavel Salas - CEO Tokenbox Read More
Anthony Bulanovs (刘中) - Head of Dispute Resolution Committee Read More
Pavel Khizhnyak - Founder of Tradefora Read More
Quinn Perrott - General Manager in TRAction Fintech Read More
Oskar Pecyna - DRC Member – Founder eOscar Read More
Alexey Sidorov - Chairman of the Financial Market Development Association of Belarus (ARFIN) Read More
Ilan Azbel - CEO AutoChartist Read More
South Africa
Roland Gemayel - Chief Dealer in Lykke Read More
Juan Pablo Jutgla - CEO Better Way FX Consulting Read More