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Finance Magnates(旧称:Forex Magnates)是世界上唯一的多资产在线/电子交易信息知识中心。将财经新闻,行业研究和金融事件这三类资讯完美融合,Fnance Magnates真正满足整个全球金融交易行业的信息需求。

该机构于2009年由迈克尔·格林伯格(Michael Greenburg)创立,最初专注提供外汇B2B领域资讯,而现在Finance Magnates已经发展到为行业专家和交易新手提供独一无二的知识信息盛宴。


DARTEK咨询公司是一家精准咨询公司,专注于外汇公司注册和监管许可,后台办公室和支付系统解决方案,以及市场营销和品牌发展服务。 DARTEK的主管和顾问在帮助企业在外汇行业适应全球监管环境,打造自己的品牌,吸引新客户,扩大业务经营等方面拥有超过10年的专家经验。

金融委员会今天宣布与Verify My Trade(验证我的交易) —— 为个人外汇交易提供交易执行分析报告的第三方数据存储库,建立战略合作伙伴关系。“Verify My Trade验证我的交易”将零售经纪商的外汇报价跳动点数据导入存储数据库,并使用箱形图方式按交易周中任意秒周期的订单执行质量来给所有交易分类。交易执行报告的分析结果将有助于在某些交易出现问题的情况下为客户提供更可多参考资源,因为他们将能够使用“Verify My Trade验证我的交易”分析工具来评估每笔交易的执行质量,从而使订单执行交易纠纷涉及的各方都能受益。



  • 推进俄罗斯联邦金融市场的发展,为俄罗斯联邦金融体系的有效运作创造条件。
  • 为专业的场外市场参与者——外汇交易员实施经济举措。
  • 保护和代表外汇交易商在俄罗斯联邦的利益

FINCAP Advisers是由Demetris A. Tsingis于2016年底成立的金融咨询公司, 引起了金融服务行业和受监管企业方面的极大兴趣。公司为受监管法律实体提供专门交钥匙服务,并包括协助在所有已知管辖权中的许可证过程。FINCAP在尼科西亚、利马索尔、梅费尔和伦敦有广泛的办事处网络,也满足世界上投资公司、投资基金、PSP、在线公司和Reg-tech / Fin-tech组织的需求。

FDCTech, Inc. was established on January 21, 2016, to provide brokers software and tailored technology, as well as management solutions. FDCTech’s robust technology services include the upcoming launch of FXi Pro 5.0 – a complete FX/CFD/Crypto trading platform, offering FIX API, Webtrader Gateway, an Enterprise back-office reporting system, and eight (8) digit cryptocurrency pricing, along with an MT4 plug-in. MetaQuotes users can also take advantage of a new Back Office 3.0 system available for MT5 to seamlessly integrate their IB, Operations, Risk, CRM, and affiliate portals.

Founded in 2015, Tradefora’s mission is to help protect the interests of each retail traders and to bring transparency to the OTC FX, CFDs, and margin crypto trading. It is privately funded by OTC industry veterans and not associated with any broker and therefore aimed at providing an impartial 360-degree view on behind the scenes pre-trade and post-trade pricing and execution behaviors.

Tradefora allows traders to connect their live trading accounts with Tradefora’s Automated TradeGuard feature. Investors can look up the execution speed and quality of the trades they place in their brokerage account, as well as see how much actual costs they have incurred on each trade, including effective spreads, swaps, commission, and most importantly – hidden costs like slippage requires and rejects. Likewise, traders can compare their order execution prices with composite tick-by-tick data gathered from multiple sources with millisecond precision. This way traders can be more certain of their broker trading account performance and how it compares to the industry averages and get an accurate representation of the costs they have paid for trading.

The Industry Spread is a news and information site built for the global trading industry. The site provides the B2B trading industry with the information they need to keep informed about trading technology, changing global regulations, new industry partnerships, and announcements of the latest executive moves. The Industry Spread doesn’t just cover FX or digital currencies, the news portal covers all exchange-traded markets as well as OTC products.

The Traders Spread is the global home for traders who want the best news and trading solutions. Whether you are a new or experienced trader you will find information to help your trading covering Forex, Commodities, Indices and global equities.

Advanced Markets is a pioneer bringing true Direct Market Access (DMA) liquidity, credit and technology solutions to the foreign exchange, CFD, energy, and precious metals markets. The firm provides these solutions on a wholesale basis to banks and brokers globally. It also provides trade execution and prime brokerage solutions directly to hedge funds, commodity trading advisors, corporations, and other institutional market participants.

Advanced Markets also offers leading-edge technology solutions including a range of front-end platforms, robust middle, and back-office systems as well as its own licensed Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 offering. The firm’s technology is developed entirely by leading providers of real-time, multi-asset trading, and brokerage systems. This single-source approach enables Advanced Markets’ to offer seamless systems to clients with unmatched operating stability and low latency trade processing.

Your Bourse is a London-based company founded by Andrey Vedikhin. Your Bourse provides a Platform-as-a-Service solution for FX, CFD and crypto liquidity management, data analytics, reporting and risk management solutions to the retail brokerage and institutional marketplace. The flexible and competitive pricing policy and bespoke packages allow companies of all sizes and capacities to safely benefit from Your Bourse tools. Brokers also get access to liquidity from leading liquidity providers, hosting services in Equinix data centres and lightning-fast execution through MT4/MT5 bridges.

Finwizard is a new HR consulting service specific to the online brokerage industry to help companies find the right candidates for their hiring needs. The company has over 15 years of experience in placing the most qualified people in brokerages from entry-level to executive positions. Finwizard uses its unique approach by partnering with top brokers and connecting candidates with opportunities that will put their skills to work in exciting ways. 

The HR consulting service maintains an extensive database of candidates for all departments and executive positions and is ready to provide consulting services to the human resources of any online brokerage. 

Finwizard delivers:

  • Top Talent acquisition across the globe
  • Professional initial screening interviews with candidates
  • Role-specific test assignments
  • Background & reference check
  • Getting the right people for your goals and company culture
  • No prepayments! Payment only after a successful hire;
  • Free replacements of candidates who do not pass probation;