Australian Regulator Confirms Hack

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Australia’s financial regulator, the Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) today confirmed a “cyber incident” that happened on January 15th and affected the Accellion software used by ASIC to transfer files and attachments.

The regulator indicated that “it appears that there is some risk that some limited information may have been viewed by the threat actor. At this time ASIC has not seen evidence that any Australian credit license application forms or any attachments were opened or downloaded.”

ASIC is assuring the public that it “has disabled access to the affected server” and that it is “working on alternative arrangements for submitting credit application attachments which will be implemented shortly. No other ASIC technology infrastructure has been impacted or breached.”

While ASIC will work with Accellion and relevant agencies as well as impacted parties to respond to and manage the incident, it is asking all those who require more information to email them at [email protected].

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