US NFA Warns of Phishing Email Scam

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The US National Futures Association (NFA) yesterday warned market participants and registered entities in an email notice of a campaign involving fraudulent emails being sent purportedly from NFA staff. The regulator indicated that unknown parties are imitating specific NFA staff in order to send an attachment in the email communications.

The NFA indicated that phishing emails have been sent purportedly from staff, including Valerie O’Malley (see Sample Phishing Email below), Regina Thoele and Jennifer Sunu. The regulator said “other staff member names may be used as well. These emails have a source domain name “” and request an immediate response. They also may include an attachment.

The regulator reminded that all legitimate communications from the association are sent from addresses ending with, [email protected] or in the case of NFA’s Swaps Proficiency Requirements. In addition, the NFA recommended that “in general, Members should not trust unsolicited emails, especially emails that ask for personal or financial information. With any email, Members should verify the sender prior to responding to it and ensure the validity of links or attachments prior to clicking on them.”

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