Crackdown on Unauthorized Brokers Continues in Italy

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Italy’s financial regulator – the Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (CONSOB) has continued its efforts to protect its citizens from unregulated financial companies and possible online scams. The regulator announced on Friday that it has blocked five more websites of such firms and is advising all traders to take notice.


Below are the websites Consob has ordered to be blacked out:

– Salvax Limited (websites and;

– NewTraders Holdings Ltd (website and related page;

– Triton Partnership Ltd (website and related page;

– Evolution Markets LTD (website

The number of websites blacked out since July 2019, when Consob got the power to order that the websites of fraudulent financial intermediaries be blacked out, has thus risen to 405.

Consob draws investors’ attention to the importance of adopting the greatest diligence in order to make informed investment choices, adopting common sense behaviors, essential to safeguard their savings: these include, for websites that offer financial services, checking in advance that the operator with whom they are investing is authorized, and, for offers of financial products, that a prospectus has been published.

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