Official Notice from XTX Markets Regarding Misrepresentation and Fraud

The Financial Commission / Industry News / Official Notice from XTX Markets Regarding Misrepresentation and Fraud

XTX Markets has become aware of instances where certain individuals, entities, or websites claim to have an association, affiliation, or connection with our company, specifically involving foreign exchange (FX) and cryptocurrency scams.

It is important to clarify that XTX Markets does not engage in the issuance of cryptocurrencies nor does it provide services related to retail FX or cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Furthermore, XTX Markets does not accept deposits, nor does it conduct transactions with individual or retail investors across any products, including but not limited to cryptocurrencies and FX.

The only legitimate websites operated by XTX Markets are the official company site (XTXMARKETS.COM) and the AIMO Prize site (AIMOPRIZE.COM). Any other website claiming an association with XTX Markets or implying a connection is operating fraudulently.

Should you encounter anyone attempting to offer or sell products branded by XTX Markets, or suggesting they represent or are linked to our company, please be aware that these claims are false and these individuals or entities have no affiliation with XTX Markets. If you suspect you have been targeted by fraudulent activities, we urge you to report this to your local law enforcement authorities.

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