Exness Sees Over 70,000 New Accounts in March, Client Base Exceeds 836,000

The Financial Commission / Industry News / Exness Sees Over 70,000 New Accounts in March, Client Base Exceeds 836,000

In March 2024, Exness, a multi-regulated trading platform, reported handling $3.85 trillion in trading volume. This represents a 9 percent increase from February’s $3.53 trillion. The trading volume for March remained stable compared to the previous year’s $3.88 trillion, showing a slight year-over-year decline.

The increase in trading activities on Exness coincides with a positive first quarter, benefiting not only major trading platforms but also numerous retail-focused foreign exchange (FX) brokers.

Exness experienced significant growth in its active client base, reaching a record 836,873 in March 2024. This is a substantial 74% increase from 491,064 in the previous year. The broker also saw a 9% rise in active clients from February to March, maintaining its historical average client retention rate.

Exness was recognized as the Best Global Multi-asset Broker of 2024 at the Forex Expo Dubai in September, underscoring its status as a leading entity in the global financial sector.

As the Titanium Sponsor of the event, Exness facilitated two exclusive workshops to deepen attendees’ understanding of current financial market trends. Damian Bunce, the Chief Customer Officer at Exness, led a discussion on “Liquidity Fragmentation and the Impact of Transparency,” while Wael Makarem, the lead of Exness Financial Markets Strategists, presented a seminar on “Enhancing Your Trading with Automated Systems.”

Since obtaining its UK-regulated license in 2016 for CFD brokerage operations, Exness launched a retail-focused offering specializing in Forex and commodities CFDs. In 2019, the company shifted its focus from the retail market in the EU/EEA, including the UK, towards other regions and expanded its business-to-business (B2B) operations.

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