Approved members of the Financial Commission can enjoy new membership benefits with complimentary and discounted access to important services provided by our network of partners. Broker members can take advantage of trade execution certifications, actionable market research, virtual dealer tools and access to an exclusive invite-only community to help prevent fraudulent activity.

Show traders that you provide quality executions with fair pricing.

The Financial Commission has partnered with VerifyMyTrade to provide both brokers and customers the ability to access the quality of trade execution. The simple to use process analyzes historical trade data on a monthly basis to determine satisfactory trade executions overall. Clients can check their broker’s execution certification with the Financial Commission on a monthly basis by accessing our Members section.

Similar to the “best execution” requirements in major international jurisdictions, the VMT certification service provides an added layer of transparency for brokers and their customers by highlighting the quality of trade executions.

The VMT certification is provided complimentary to approved members of the Financial Commission*. Brokers who have successfully gone through certification are highlighted in our Members section with a special VMT badge.

*VMT’s Execution Certification service is provided to approved members at no charge for the first year of membership and are subject to the member being in good standing with the Commission per the Commission’s Rules and Guidelines. The complimentary Execution Certification will be cancelled for brokers who cease membership with the Financial Commission.  Commission members are solely responsible for submitting data to VMT on a regular basis in order to maintain certification.

Liquidity and brokerage solutions from Advanced Markets 

Advanced Markets is a pioneer bringing true Direct Market Access (DMA) liquidity, credit and technology solutions to the foreign exchange, CFD, energy and precious metals markets. The firm provides these solutions on a wholesale basis to banks and brokers globally. It also provides trade execution and prime brokerage solutions directly to hedge funds, commodity trading advisors, corporations and other institutional market participants.

FX Brokers can be assured that Advanced Markets’ institutionally-owned, and fully transparent DMA offering, goes beyond existing “no dealing desk”, STP, RFQ and ECN models by enabling anonymous and unfiltered direct access to real-time spot FX pricing in the interbank market, and instantaneous trade execution.

Through our partnership, approved broker members of the Financial Commission can expect to receive world-class wholesale liquidity, technology and credit solutions from a trusted and proven leader in the FX industry. Additionally, through the new Value-added service, members can receive monthly account credits of $2 per million on brokerage costs on behalf of the Financial Commission*. 

The streamlined, flexible program setup enables FC members to tailor optimal liquidity and credit structures for their offerings, as well as set up new solutions rapidly to meet demand while enjoying special discounts to keep their transaction costs low.

*Financial Commission approved broker members transacting through Advanced Markets can receive a credit of $2 per million for their brokerage costs. The Financial Commission will provide such credits to approved broker members for the first year of use of Advanced Markets transacting services.

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Tradefora, an independent provider of pre and post trade execution analytics. The new Tradefora TradeGuard service offers your customers peace of mind by letting them check their executed prices against the overall market as the trades are placed, thus increasing transparency and trust in your execution quality and enhancing the trading experience.

Two levels of verification are offered: 

One-Time Verification

Live Verification

*For historic orders from 5K, 20K, 50K and 100K

*For all clients’ order as they take place offering complete best execution transparency

Through our partnership, your customers can easily identify your brokerage using the feature on our official Commission website and navigate directly into the TradeGuard interface to check their trades.

How does it work?

  • It works in real-time by scoring each trade against the trade blotter to determine if it was executed within the acceptable market range.
  • Trade blotter is based on the Tradefora Composite Index (TCI), which is using real-time pricing from 100+ brokers across 140 supported instruments (main FX pairs, precious metals, energy, and crypto) in order to obtain an aggregated average market price.
  • TradeGuard’s benchmarking technology takes into account not only spreads but also commissions, resulting in a much clearer and a more representative true pricing index
  • All the trades are evaluated tick-by-tick with millisecond precision
  • This market price is used as a benchmark reference point to assess the quality of trade execution.

How can I connect?

  • To start using TradeGuard, a preliminary Bulk Order Check for the execution quality (up to 100,000 orders) must be conducted
  • An easy to deploy  IFrame or REST API integration is available for your website and/or web-trading platform
  • A unique badge is placed on your Membership page with Financial Commission – highlighting your use of the service and giving customers direct access to TradeGuard from our website

What’s the cost?

Tradefora’s pricing is simple and straightforward and depends on the number of monthly active customers, as well as the amount of bulk orders submitted for testing. Brokers can start using the service having completed a bulk order test for €1,000 with a monthly fee starting from just €500.

Optimize decision-making and financial performance

Broker Pilot is a web-based monitoring and risk management platform which aggregates data from many trading servers in real time. This is a virtual Chief Dealer, that automates the work of dealers and instantly responds to various situations on the markets, boosting company’s profit.

Broker Pilot is a certified trading technology provider of the Financial Commission, having demonstrated high commercial standards and satisfied guidelines for security, capacity and other criteria. Financial Commission approved members can now get access to the Broker Pilot virtual dealer suite for 20% off the regular price*.

*The Broker Pilot service is provided at a discount of 20% from the regular price for the first year and is subject to the member being in good standing with the Commission per the Commission’s Rules and Guidelines. After the first year of service, Financial Commission members will be able to take advantage of special pricing offered by Broker Pilot to continue to use the service. The discounted rate will be canceled for brokers who cease membership with the Financial Commission.

Protect your brokerage from fraudulent transactions

The DisputeWatch registry allows you to create and monitor clients’ watchlists for possible fraudulent activity in real-time while protecting your clients’ information.

When you join DisputeWatch or add new clients, the community-driven service lets you search the Community Registry to see if a client has any matched dispute records. It then automatically provides a visual match to help you see how much of your client’s information matches the information in the Community Registry.

Using the data provided by the community, DisputeWatch constantly monitors the watchlist for potential financial threats to your company and notifies you whenever new disputes are found from people on your watchlist. This information allows you to stop fraudulent transactions and disputes before they happen.

Financial Commission approved members can get access to DisputeWatch as part of their membership*.

*The DisputeWatch service is provided as a complimentary invitation-only service. Access to the community is subject to approval by DisputeWatch and to the member being in good standing with the Commission per the Commission’s Rules and Guidelines. Access to the DisputeWatch community is not guaranteed and can be terminated without prior notice at the discretion of DisputeWatch. Access to the service will be cancelled for brokers who cease membership with the Financial Commission.

Actionable market research from Delkos

Encourage trading among your existing clients while gaining new ones.

The Financial Commission has partnered with Delkos research to provide its broker members with unique marketing,
sales and retention content in the form of trading opportunities, price movement alerts and updates on open trades
directly to broker customers using digital channels, such as

  • Email Campaigns
  • Social media posts (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Social media re-targeting
  • Mobile push notifications
  • Banner Adverts

Lead Generation / Marketing

Value to the broker:

  • Attract new and existing traders
  • Brand attention
  • Enrich campaigns

Customer retention / Warnings

Value to the broker:

  • Protect your traders
  • Increase lifetime value
  • Save costs

VIP Trading Opportunities

Value to the broker:

  • Increase initial deposit
  • Attract VIPs
  • Increase VIP lifetime value

Delkos’ services, including Lead Generation, Customer Retention, and VIP Trading is fully rebated by the Financial
Commission subject to the member being in good standing with the Commission per the Commission’s Rules and
Guidelines. After the first year of service, Financial Commission members will be able to take advantage of special
pricing offered by Delkos research to continue to use the service. The rebate will be cancelled for brokers who cease
membership with the Financial Commission.