Voice Risk Disclosure

The Financial Commission / Voice Risk Disclosure

If a Financial Commission member plans to offer a client investment advisory or trade advisory services (investment advice) verbally or orally (via telephone or digital voice communication) or other digital methods from another human staff, management, contractor, analyst, consultant, affiliate or IB partner of the member-broker, the broker must advise the customer of the risks, according to the following voice risk disclosure.

In communicating with the client, the following must be made clear:

  1. Name of the company representative who is calling
  2. The department from which the representative is calling


Hello [client name], thank you for opening an account with us [or any other greeting that can clearly identify the customer – for example, trading account #, etc.]

My name is [name of representative] and I’m calling from [department of the company].

One of the services that our company provides is a personal consultant/analyst, who from time to time or at your request can provide you with research and advise regarding the financial markets, including trade recommendations based on the consultant’s own analysis.

You should be aware that our company does not charge you any commissions or fees, under any circumstances, because the services of the consultant/analyst are provided free of charge. You can request to cancel the consultancy service at any time by informing the consultant directly.

Please be advised that leveraged trading involves significant risk of loss and you may lose all of your invested or deposited funds.

Moreover, any decisions to trade or not trade using the trading analysis or strategy provided by the consultant/analyst are made solely by you at your discretion and the company does not take any responsibility for any profits or losses incurred as a result. We strongly encourage you to evaluate all the possible risks associated with trading on financial markets before beginning to trade in your account.  

Please confirm to me over the phone that you clearly understand these statements and accept this risk disclosure I have provided.


Thank you, I agree

I understand and acknowledge


Thank you,

Name of representative

Representative title or affiliation with the broker (for example, Introducing Broker)