Financial Commission Appoints Kristina Nettles as latest Member to Join Dispute Resolutions Committee

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The Financial Commission is proud to announce that Kristina Nettles, Vice President of Integral Development Corp, Palo Alto, CA United States, has joined the Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC).

Kristina has over 10 years of experience in Currency and NDFs Sales and Trading. Kristina started her carrier with Commerce Bank & Trust in Boston and has been NFA member associate for the duration of work in the United States.

Over the past 6 years and currently she is with Integral Development corporation and responsible for business development in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Peter Tatarnikov, Financial Commission Chairman said concerning the announcement, “The Financial Commission has added another great member to our most professional Dispute Resolution Committee. Kristina’s experience will be a great help to resolving any disputes that come in. We look forward to her contribution.”

Kristina joins the Financial Commission as they continue to grow. The Financial Commission has recently participated in Finance Magnates London Summit, where its representatives explained how organization is helping its members improve the services they offer to clients using a 3rd party dispute resolution process afforded via membership status within the Financial Commission.

In addition the Financial Commission estimates there should be a two more members who will be announced before the end of 2015.

More about Integral

Integral is one of the leading software and aggregated liquidity  provider for Banks and Institutions. Integral has delivered the only multi-sided trading network for foreign exchange. The platform empowers participants across the entire FX market to configure and operate their own automated, unique, private FX business.

Company also offers unique tool for execution quality evaluation – Integral FX Benchmark™. Based on the broadest available set of market rates and trades pulled from Integral’s FX Grid®, one of the largest OTC FX trading networks, underlying methodologies developed in collaboration with Stanford University, and feedback from buy-side FX market participants, FX Benchmark is a first-of-its kind benchmark for global foreign exchange markets.

For more information, please contact The Financial Commission – [email protected]

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