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Advanced Markets Group – FCA and ASIC regulated Prime of Prime Liquidity Provider announced its partnership with a software company Tradefora.

Founded in 2015, Tradefora’s mission is to help protect the interests of each retail traders and to bring transparency to the OTC FX, CFDs, and margin crypto trading. It is privately funded by OTC industry veterans and not associated with any broker and therefore aimed at providing an impartial 360-degree view on behind the scenes pre-trade and post-trade pricing and execution behaviors.

Tradefora allows traders to connect their live trading accounts with Tradefora’s Automated TradeGuard feature. Investors can look up the execution speed and quality of the trades they place in their brokerage account, as well as see how much actual costs they have incurred on each trade, including effective spreads, swaps, commission, and most importantly – hidden costs like slippage requires and rejects. Likewise, traders can compare their order execution prices with composite tick-by-tick data gathered from multiple sources with millisecond precision. This way traders can be more certain of their broker trading account performance and how it compares to the industry averages and get an accurate representation of the costs they have paid for trading.

Natallia Hunik – Global Head of Sales at Advanced Markets LLC commented on the partnership: “Advanced Markets is pleased to cooperate with Tradefora in this great mission of delivering crucial information on a broker’s quality of execution, and execution venues, benefitting both traders and regulators alike. Via this partnership, FX institutions can take advantage of Advanced Markets interbank liquidity feed, and Tradefora’s innovative RTS27 reporting facility, along with other feed monitoring and benchmarking tools”.

Co-Founder and CEO of Tradefora, Pavel Khizhnyak added: “We are delighted to partner with Advanced Markets as one of the leading liquidity providers in the FX OTC space and a company that shares our drive towards more market transparency. This partnership will enable us to further enhance our benchmark pricing tools across all the supported instruments with institutional level refresh rate frequency and full market depth analytics. This marks an additional major development phase for us as we continue to aggregate top LPs to comprise a comprehensive institutional liquidity pricing index”.

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