Akin Abbak – Managing Partner of Abbak Attorneys at Law

The Financial Commission / Akin Abbak – Managing Partner of Abbak Attorneys at Law

Akin Abbak is Managing Partner of Abbak Attorneys at Law in Istanbul, Turkey. Mr. Abbak advises public and private companies including brokers, liquidity and technology providers and other financial services providers as well as individuals involved in the financial services industry.More specifically Mr. Abbak has been focusing on financial law related subjects with the emphasis on margin trading, and continues to pursue higher education with his Ph.D. studies and is a member of the Istanbul Bar Association, International Bar Association and International Chamber of Commerce Young Arbitrators Forum. In addition to the relevancies of his background to financial services, with regards to the joining the DRC, Mr. Abbak has a broad base of expertise in corporate, commercial and financial law representing his clients before courts and arbitral tribunals. Moreover, Mr. Abbak is a graduate of Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Law and obtained his LL.M. degrees both from Turkey and the UK where he had made extensive researches on Market Manipulation as well as International Arbitration.