Tradefora Trade Verification

The Financial Commission / Tradefora Trade Verification

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Tradefora, an independent provider of pre and post trade execution analytics. The new Tradefora TradeGuard service offers your customers peace of mind by letting them check their executed prices against the overall market as the trades are placed, thus increasing transparency and trust in your execution quality and enhancing the trading experience.

Two levels of verification are offered: 

One-Time Verification

Live Verification

*For historic orders from 5K, 20K, 50K and 100K

*For all clients’ order as they take place offering complete best execution transparency

Through our partnership, your customers can easily identify your brokerage using the feature on our official Commission website and navigate directly into the TradeGuard interface to check their trades.


How does it work?

  • It works in real-time by scoring each trade against the trade blotter to determine if it was executed within the acceptable market range.
  • Trade blotter is based on the Tradefora Composite Index (TCI), which is using real-time pricing from 100+ brokers across 140 supported instruments (main FX pairs, precious metals, energy, and crypto) in order to obtain an aggregated average market price.
  • TradeGuard’s benchmarking technology takes into account not only spreads but also commissions, resulting in a much clearer and a more representative true pricing index
  • All the trades are evaluated tick-by-tick with millisecond precision
  • This market price is used as a benchmark reference point to assess the quality of trade execution.

How can I connect?

  • To start using TradeGuard, a preliminary Bulk Order Check for the execution quality (up to 100,000 orders) must be conducted
  • An easy to deploy  IFrame or REST API integration is available for your website and/or web-trading platform
  • A unique badge is placed on your Membership page with Financial Commission – highlighting your use of the service and giving customers direct access to TradeGuard from our website

What’s the cost?

Tradefora’s pricing is simple and straightforward and depends on the number of monthly active customers, as well as the amount of bulk orders submitted for testing. Brokers can start using the service having completed a bulk order test for €1,000 with a monthly fee starting from just €500.