Financial Commission DRC member Roberto d’Ambrosio Participated in the Annual Meeting of the Financial Markets Association Malta

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March 20, 2019, The Financial Commission today announces that our Dispute Committee member Roberto d’Ambrosio delivered a presentation during the AGM of the Financial Markets Association Malta (FMAM,, of which Roberto is a member of the Board.

In delivering a brief economic outlook for year 2019 Roberto started from the most important topics which impacted Global Growth and the financial markets in 2019, topics on which he further elaborated his views regarding the upcoming quarters, following an original approach which blends fundamental and technical analysis, trying to focus on particular elements which are not often analysed by economic mainstream media.


The analysis also compared the situation of different areas of the world and elaborated on how their economies might be impacted by risks induced by the ongoing trade limitations and by the end of extraordinary monetary measures enacted since the Great Financial Crisis by Central Banks and the level of dependency that economies and financial markets might have developed from such enormous stimulus.

Great interest was shown by the attendees when Roberto evaluated the Economic Growth forecasts published so far by the main financial institutions worldwide, highlighting that following his analysis such forecast might have to be revised to the downside throughout 2019.

The presentation was followed by an intense Q&A session during which FMAM members interacted with Roberto, bringing in the discussion further insights based on their own particular professional knowledge and experience.


The participation of Roberto in this event and the role the FMAM recognized to him is a further confirmation of the very high professional standards of the members of our DRC, which constitute the guarantee for our members and traders that their disputes are being handled at the highest level of competence and unbiased approach.

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