Certified Collective Investment Provider RAMM.TECH Highlights New RAMM 2.0 Product Update

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July 30th, 2019, The Financial Commission today announces that certified Collective Investment Provider RAMM.TECH has released an updated version of its platform with significant improvements.

The RAMM 2.0 service is ideal for brokerages and exchanges that provide a wide range of trading instruments, such as currencies, metals, equities, digital currencies, futures and the like and want to expand their business. The platform also allows brokers to White Label the copy-trading service and create a partner network.

The updated service allows investors to manage their investment strategies using a web-based platform or a dedicated mobile application with push-notifications. Investors can also manage risks by setting the factor – multiplier with which trades are to be copied, inputting target – specific investment goals for their account and using protection settings to limit downside.

Authorized traders can now manage their investors’ accounts in RAMM 2.0 using the following methods:

  • Trade directly in their broker’s MT platform where the RAMM service is installed
  • Install the RAMM Expert Advisor into an MT account of any broker
  • Use the dedicated RAMM API

The updated platform features several compensation models for traders. For example, traders can be compensated by investors by a percentage of profit and/or commission from trading volumes.

Traders can take advantage of the partner program features, such as the ability to share profit with introducing agents. Likewise, the platform can now aggregate investors’ trading orders or execute them individually on each investor’s account with the option to handpick the execution venue for each investment strategy.

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